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friends forever…

This is supposed to be a rest day since it’s a Sunday…I should stay at home and sleep all day because I wake up at 5AM from Tuesday-Saturday so I won’t be late for work…by the way, my working schedule is 7AM to 4PM…and actually, travel time (from home to the office) is only 30mins…the first 45mins (5:00-5:45) is for me to have breakfast, take a bath, and get dressed…30mins travel time which only means that I arrived at the office 45mins before 7AM…whew! So this should really be a rest day, isn’t it?

But because I haven’t seen Cecille – my friend ever since elementary, for a long time, I’ve decided to meet her at Trinoma…we talk through yahoo. messenger from time to time even if we don’t see each other everyday…I miss being with her…I miss the other members of our group (Katherine – my best friend , Mary Joy – Cecille’s best friend, Laila – Andrea’s best friend, and Claire – Lovelle’s best friend)…I hope that one of these days guys, we can be together…

____________we’re still very good friends after 20years___________

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