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Happy Mother’s Day!

me and my mom

It’s Mother’s Day once again…the time to give back our moms the love and care they’ve showered on us…

For You, Mama

I love you Mama. I adore you.
I love the way you love me, care for me.

Since I was born, you have never cared for yourself.
I am the one who have occupied all your thoughts day and night.
I know that Mama.

You have been taking much pain to bring me up in a proper way
Since I was born, you’ve given me the best gift in the world,
your unconditional love.

In your love, in your care, in your gentle understanding,
I see the kindness and love of God.
When I hug you, seems that there is no other thing I want from life.
Your love is enough for me.

Have I ever thanked you?
Have I ever acknowledged your sacrifices?
I know you expect nothing from me.
I can’t do what you did for me and what you are still doing for me.

In return of all your sacrifices,
In return of all your love and care,
I can present you with but one gift – my honest, unconditional love.


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can’t think of a title

and can’t think of a blog entry as well…lol! I will just talk about our “gimik” last nyt…with the same friends of course…

so we went to Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila to play casino…lol! no, we were there to watch the show of Tuesday Vargas…the show was really fun…too bad though that cameras are not allowed so they covered our camera phones with stickers, hence, I won’t be able to post a picture, even a single picture of her while performing…*sob*

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