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Eyebrow Threading

Just came back from a parlor near our place and tried eyebrow threading…yeah, it was my first time and I would definitely have my eyebrows threaded (?) from now on…Without a doubt, eyebrow threading is much cheaper than waxing, less painful compared to plucking and wait until you see the result – clean and defined hairline…aside from those advantages, it is also a long lasting hair removal technique because it removes hair by the follicle…if you want to know more about eyebrow threading, click this.

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Water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisceans are subtle, patient, sweet and tolerant. However, they can be also touchy and treacherous. Their typical features are a complex character, a great fantasy and an extraordinary learning ability. They are irresolute and they are not keen in organizing, so that they prefer to be led by other people, both in private and in working life. Typical jobs are: football player, nurse, medium, mechanic and photographer. They have a strong religious feeling and artistic sensibility. Being so reserved, it is not easy to know and understand them thoroughly. Friendship and true and long-lasting love are for Pisceans extremely important.

Piscean men are idealist, complex, romantic and unforeseeable, but also touchy and sensitive. They need to be covered with love and attention. Their ideal woman should be able to take the imitative. Make him understand that you love order, precision and art. TIP: Never touch his things. He is very possessive.

Piscean women are romantic, sweet, and fragile. They have the gift to make a man feel he’s the most important thing in the world. They like to be praised, fondled and they want you to listen to them, or else they suffer and become sad. The ideal man must be strong and “solid”. TIP: Talk a lot with her.

The Pisces Women And Their Characteristics

Generally, Piscean women are seen to be not very tall and plumpy .
The eyes are quite big and protruding. Hands and feet are either strikingly beautiful or else out proportioned, big and bulky.
The shoulders are muscular and spherical.

You are philosophical, restless and honest. You can go beyond your means to help people in need.
Not perturbed easily, you can help even your opponents calm down by your gentle behavior .Your nature is to forgive and forget.

Your mind is not very steady. It often wanders from spiritualism to materialism. This reduces your concentration thereby making it difficult to achieve your full potential. A Piscean woman may also lack in self confidence. However that does not deter her from being an expert planner.

You will aim very high and can develop right connections to achieve your aims. Generally, Pisceans develop good connections that they enact at the right time.

You are either at the top of the ladder or else at the bottom of it. Generally, Pisceans being too ambitious either rise to very high positions or else turn into dreamers and are unable to fight the battle of life.

You will have a strong wish to go to foreign lands and visit beautiful places.

You may be drawn towards excesses that means you may be eating and drinking in excess, making you ill. You may suffer from varicose veins or guinea worms.
Problems connected with liver, ankles and feet are possible. You should take care of them.

Generous by nature and ever helping your friends, you are unable to save much. Though due to your mental capacity, which is far in excess of women of other signs, you have a high income level.

You will not like to depend on anyone for finances and you are wiling to do even extra work to keep your self financially secure.

Very romantic by nature, you dream of romance. However you may feel somewhat frustrated as the dreams seldom come true in actual life.

You are very suspicious, you will keep a tab on your lover and if you see him friendly with another women you feel the pinch.

You are loyal and once you form a relationship, you continue it for a long time though sometimes you may feel a sudden loss of interest in your partner. Many a time, Piscean women can carry two or more relationships simultaneously.

Having a basically shy nature, you are not the one who will make a move yourself in love life. You will expect your lover to make all the moves and you will only react to them.

But, sometimes you can act completely differently. With deception, you can easily control your men with your superior brain and use them for your purposes.
Any foreplay involving water will turn you on; feet are your hot spots.

You will dream of marrying a Mr. Perfect and you will want him to have all the qualities possible in a husband. But you will not be working hard to get him. Thus, chances of delay in marriage or a marriage which will not work are not ruled out. You will require a very diplomatic and well mannered husband to stay on.

Piscean woman keeps good upkeep of her house. Being yourself fond of food and drinks you will stock them well for guests also.

For a stable married love life, you should check your dreamy nature and live in practical world.

Having very high desires, dreams and a changeable nature are your worst problems. You should live in the practical world and be less utopian if you want to be successful.

February 19 – March 20

The twelfth sign of the zodiac is concerned with:
* compassion, sympathy, love, altruism
* dreams, the psychic, clairvoyance, sixth sense
* illusions, magic, film, fantasy, make-believe
* art, drama, music, poetry, prose, dance
* unusual talent, memory, wisdom, versatility
* sensitivity, intuition, humor, satire
* secrets, fulfillment of life, eternity

Elemental Quality
Pisces is the mutable water sign of the zodiac. It can be likened to a warm, turquoise lagoon, twinkling in the sunshine, or to a strong ocean current rising from the depths to break over a rocky shore, smoothing the pebbles for all time.

Mutable means changeable, and water can change its form in many ways: rain, hail, snow, mist, frost, clouds, rainbows, warm pools, and puddles; thus, Piscean feelings can change a dozen times a day.

Spiritual Goal
To learn the meaning of peace through service to others.

The Piscean Personality
These are the general personality traits found in people who are typical of Pisces. An unhappy or frustrated Pisces may display some of the not-so-attractive traits.

Secret Pisces
Anyone who has strong Piscean influences is a person who has perhaps the most extreme choices of any zodiac sign. Pisces can accept the challenges of life and rise to the top, or can give in to the easy way of oblivion and sink to the bottom. This choice is symbolized by the two fishes.

To help him or her swim to the top, the Pisces must find peace through beauty, music, and harmony.

The Pisces needs work which will enable him or her to achieve this. More than any other sign, Pisces has many talents which may be used to develop their character. Many work hard to improve the lot of humanity. Others bring their talents to film and entertainment, enlivening the lives of thousands.

Pisces needs to turn his/her private, mystical dream world of love and compassion into a reality. The only other option for a Pisces is a life of illusion and, ultimately, a sense of failure.

Ruling Planet and Its Effect
Jupiter and Neptune rule the zodiac sign of Pisces, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Piscean influence will tend to bring benefit to others through their sensitivity.

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, and generosity. Neptune is the planet of dreams, sensitivity, the unconscious, and the world of unreality.

Piscean Lucky Connections
Colors: violet, light green, blue
Plants: opium poppy, lotus, water plants
Gemstones: pearl, amethyst, beryl, aquamarine
Metal: tin
Animals: fish, dolphin

The Piscean Look
People who exhibit the physical characteristics of Pisces look more clumsy than they actually are.

They give off a feeling of otherworldliness, and usually have very sensitive, caring eyes. They may have a trusting, eager look or a quality of empathy and nonjudgement exclusive to those who truly understand human sorrows and failings.

Physical Appearance
* Body: usually short and thinkset
* Back: may stoop as the person walks
* Eyes: a sleepy appearance with large eyebrows
* Head: oddly shaped
* Limbs: generally short

The Pisces Female
If a woman behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces, she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, providing there are no influences in her personal birthchart that are stronger than that of her Pisces sun sign.

The typical Pisces woman:
* is normally slim, but tends to put on weight in later years
* has large eyes and an oval face
* has clear, soft skin, whatever her color
* has an air of feminine mystery
* has a very warm, charming smile

Behavior and Personality Traits
* does not try to dominate her partner in any way
* often appears vague and dreamy
* is subtle and, while appearing to be helpless or incapable, gets things organized and manages the finances extremely well
* protects her emotional vulnerability with humor or a sophisticated exterior
* needs to belong to someone
* has a warm, sympathetic heart

Pisces At Home
For a typical Piscean, home is a place where he or she will need to feel loved. Home can be a palace or a hovel, but it must contain people toward whom he or she is drawn emotionally and who love him or her.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
When at home, a Pisces man or woman:
* will often enter a fantasy world
* will feel safe to explore his or her imagination
* will probably have no fixed routine
* is likely to be untidy, although he or she may have a sudden urge to tidy everything to avoid confusion: this can happen at any time
* should keep a large, clear clock
* will need a space for personal privacy
* will make the home itself into a wonderful world of art, music, design, and good food and wine

Pisces as a Parent
* can happily accommodate all the fantasies of childhood
* will allow a child plenty of imaginative freedom
* may lack discipline
* listens with understanding
* encourages personal development
* may have to teach the children punctuality
* is warm and loving and rarely uses harsh words
* may tend to spoil the children
* will probably have a very personal and unusual set of rules to which the children must adhere

Two Pisces in the Same Family
Pisces is the same family should get on very well, providing they have an outlet for their vivid, unworldly imaginations. For example, Piscean siblings may build an imaginative world together; or a Piscean parent who makes fictional films will find inspiration in the ideas of his or her offspring.

Pisces at Work
At work, the person who has a typical Pisces personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Pisces at work:
* is rarely in an executive position, nor does he or she enjoy being tied to working in a team that has a strict routine
* enjoys work that offers freedom of expression, which usually means working alone or in a self-directed position
* if working in a team, Pisces prefers an occupation that allows for frequent changes and adaptations

Pisces as Employer
A typical Pisces boss (male or female):
* is more likely to be found in organizations as a director rather than as the boss
* will serve people rather than accumulate power
* uses his or her gifts to make the correct move
* is a shrewd judge of character
* is unconventional and creative
* values those who are conventional and well organized, because they are needed to back up his or her ideas
* will never refuse help to someone in need
* may act tough to hide a deep belief in the mystical

Pisces as Employee
A typical Pisces employee (male or female):
* needs work where there is plenty of outlet for either human understanding or creative imagination
* will be depressed, lazy, and useless if neither of these needs are satisfied
* will be very affected by surroundings
* when happy is a loyal worker
* will get the job done, although nobody seems to understand how he or she operates

Working Environment
The workplace of a typical Pisces man or woman:
* must feel comfortable
* will have a pleasant atmosphere
* should be a large and flexible space
* may be brightly colored

Typical Occupations
All kinds of jobs in film, theater, TV, radio, ballet, music, and art will attract Pisces, who is often a good actor. A job that allows travel will be attractive. Advertising, public relations, and any job that is part of the service industry. Helping people to solve their problems and charitable and church work will also be very attractive to Pisces.

Pisces and Love
To Pisces, there is no difference between love, affection, and romance. A Pisces needs all three. A Pisces who feels unloved is an unhappy person to whom life seems very gray. Love revitalizes Pisces.

Behavior When In Love
The typical Pisces:
* is romantic
* eager to please
* adapts to the demands of the relationship
* appears to be helpless, delicate, and vulnerable, but being loved enables Pisces to cope very well with a range of difficulties, problems, and tragedies
* is emotionally involved, to the point of not recognizing when he or she is being deceived or treated badly

The typical Pisces expects:
* to have his or her dreams valued and to be protected from harsh criticism
* to be cared for romantically
* to have children (Pisces love children)
* to be frequently reassured that they are loved
* all birthdays and anniversaries to be remembered

The End of An Affair
The worst possible event for a Pisces is to be rejected by the one who loved them. A partner who wants to end a relationship with a typical Pisces will find this a very difficult thing to do. Pisces will cling, convinced that if they reform in some way, everything will be all right again. The ex-partner of a Pisces may have to go to extremes to extricate himself or herself from the emotional mess that a hurt Pisces can produce.

Pisces and Sex
When a typical Pisces makes love it is an act of romance rather than of carnal pleasure…most times anyway. Typical Pisces is less interested in sexual activity than in the expressions of love that come before and afterward.

Piscean energy is more often used up in the emotional experiences of love than in the sexual act. This does not mean that Pisces in not interested.

Pisces can be the least prejudiced and most compassionate of all the zodiac signs.

Pisces will show a deep and real love for a partner who has problems or physical abnormalities, or has to face a tragedy or business disaster. Sex will be one of the expressions of love given by a caring and devoted Piscean spouse.

Pisces and Partner
The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Pisces must realize that Pisces will expect to be supported — emotionally or financially. Given this, the person who partners Pisces can expect loyalty and sensitive understanding.

Pisces Woman As A Partner
She will want a marriage partner who will support her in every respect. To many men, Pisces is the perfectly feminine woman. She may appear to be a helpless, fluffy person but, once married, she will feel secure, and her reserve of talents and abilities will pour out in every direction.

In business, a Pisces woman will be best in creative positions and in public relations, but should not be expected to do the routine office jobs.

Opposite Sign
Virgo is the complementary opposite sign to Pisces. While Pisces adapts himself or herself to the emotional needs of others, Virgo works hard to serve others by responding to the needs of the moment with practical solutions. From Virgo, Pisces can learn how to translate Piscean sensitivity and understanding into practical action — thus dispelling self-doubt and building confidence in his or her Piscean abilities.

Pisces and Friends
In general, Pisces likes a friend who is useful and reassuring. In return, they will give unprejudiced understanding and loyalty to their friends.

Positive Factors
Pisces are emotionally attached to their friends and will rarely take notice if the friend is taking advantage of this involvement.

Pisces are friendly, humorous, and caring friends, even if there are long periods of time between meetings.

Pisces will always think up something interesting to do and will enjoy any kind of artistic ventures.

Negative Factors
Pisces can be a confusing person, so arrangements may be difficult to make.
Pisces can sometimes seem to be cool and offhand. This is usually temporary and due to a moment of insecurity.

Pisces needs a hero or heroine to identify with. If a friend happens to be the chosen one, this can be pleasant enough but may become a nuisance when Pisces gives the friend talents he or she hasn’t got and expects them to be demonstrated!
Pisces does not find it easy to conform; friends with conservative attitudes may find this a difficulty.

Piscean Leisure Interests
Most typical Pisces love artistic pursuits and anything that has an element of mystery, fantasy, and imagination.

Pisceans love films, theater, traveling entertainers, pantomimes, witches, gypsies, elves, monsters, and mythical creatures.

Team sport is not a natural Piscean activity, but Pisceans often love gentle watersports, noncompetitive skiing, and skydiving.
Dangerous sports, such as racing cars, can also appeal to the Pisces because they have an unerring instinct in such situations.

Piscean Likes and Dislikes
* seafood, champagne, and organic foods
* romantic places, sunsets over the sea, mountain vistas, waterfalls, ponds and waterlilies
* background music, poetry
* people who need their understanding
* mystical settings, candles, incense
* being Loved
* freedom to drift along from time to time
* privacy
* colorful food
* personalized gifts
* presents wrapped in magical paper
* new books
* diamonds

* bright, noisy, crowded places
* dirty, ugly objects
* being told to get a grip on things
* stiff clothing
* authorities
* people knowing too much about him or her

Piscean Health
Typical Pisces are healthy people so long as they feel loved and have an outlet for their dreams. Unhappy Pisces are vulnerable to problems arising from turning to drink, drugs, or other ways of getting relief from what may seem unbearable emotional insecurities.

Pisces often has to work hard to swim against the current that would pull him or her under. The constant effort of avoiding being sucked into oblivion is the cause of much distress to many Pisces, who, consequently, may suffer depression and other emotional problems.

Types of Sickness
Troubles with the feet and toes are common among Pisces: bunions, corns, ingrown toenails, boils and foot deformities may occur.

Pisces may become forgetful when illness is about to strike. They may also suffer from the effects of too much wine or too many drugs. The sensitive Piscean psyche suffers greatly in times of stress and has little to draw on by way of personal resources.

Pisces at Rest
A relaxed Pisces is the happiest person on earth. A chance to lie back, sip wine, listen to music and let the imagination wander is perfect bliss to Pisces.

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7 things about me…

Okay, before having my movie marathon, let me first do this meme…and oh, this is also the easiest way to update my blog since I’ve been very lazy updating this page these past few days and weeks…lol…so here it goes…

Here are the rules:

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

You’ll have to read on for my 7 facts and see who I tagged.

1) I can’t live without my mosquito net…wherever I go, I always bring it with me…

2) I am trying hard to conceive…and I am now on my second cycle of clomid (an ovulating tablet)…hope it will work out this time…

3) I love shopping…I am an impulsive buyer…I go to the mall when I’m bored and end up buying things I don’t really need…

4) I always try to get what I want…but when I feel that I’m not happy with it anymore or if I feel that it’s of no use, I sell it…like my Sony digicam and my recently purchased ipod…

5) I don’t eat melon, guyabano, durian…my favorite fruits are watermelon, star apple, banana, and grapes…watermelon is my number one favorite…*wink*

6) I easily cry when I’m angry, sad, scared, upset, and there are times that I cry when I’m alone…

7) And lastly, I live life to the fullest because I believe that life is short…hehe!

Now I’m passing this tag to some of my blogging friends:

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lunch @ Burgoo

okay…this is a late post…been busy for weeks now and wasn’t able to blog about my escapades…so here I am…actually, I was just inspired by Jam’s post – A Perfect Day…I remember her telling me that she and her boyfriend will really make sure that they’d try all the restaurants here in the metropolis…Burgoo…they also fed their stomach with Burgoo’s sumptuous but scrumptious food…and yes, there were crayons on the table and it was covered with a big sheet of white paper…we also had fun drawing and writing on the sheet using the crayons…checkout our pictures…

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me, my sister, and my friends went to tagaytay last Sunday in spite of the weather…it was raining cats and dogs here in Manila last Sunday…lol…but since this is Chin’s (the one in denim jacket) last day here in Pinas, we continued with our plan – to bring her to a place she’ll never forget…and she will really never forget Sonya’s Garden because it was her first time to eat white cheese…lol…we had lunch there and went to Pink Sisters after…checkout our pictures…btw, Chin is leaving for Denmark tomorrow…gonna miss you sis…:-(

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