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With Cebu Pacific’s tempting low fare rates, you can go to your desired places at any time you want and without having second thoughts. With their line “it’s time everyone flies”, you’ll surely book a flight immediately. And that’s what I did. I instantly booked for a flight to _______ (haha!) my friends kept on asking me where I’ve been. It’s a secret. Going back to the topic, this is not my first time (it’s my 4th) to travel with Cebu Pacific and this is not my first time to experience a delayed flight as well. On my four air travels with Cebu Pacific, I have experienced two delayed flights.

My first travel with Cebu Pacific was November last year (Manila-Iloilo). Actually, I should be traveling with Cebu Pacific from Legazpi to Manila and from Manila to Iloilo with Philippine Airlines. Unluckily, the weather that day was not so good; as a result Cebu Pacific cancelled the flight. I had no choice but to ride a bus from Legazpi to Manila and book another flight (with Cebu Pacific) from Manila to Iloilo the next day. November 30, 2007 – If I remember it right, we should leave Manila by 4PM but unfortunately, we left Manila past 5 already. Almost an hour and a half of waiting…sigh…

My second delayed flight experience with Cebu Pacific happened last Monday. ETD: 5:05PM, ETA: 6:10PM…but guess what…we left _______ Airport at 7:05PM…2hrs of waiting (again)…

So, what do you think? Will I book with Cebu Pacific again?

Perhaps, I would check the fare rates with Philippine Airlines first before booking a flight with Cebu Pacific…

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