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Trip to Guam

I got very excited when Mama told me that they (with Papa) are going to Guam to attend the ordination of Jason, a neighbor in Masbate…Yesterday, Mama gave me a ring to tell me the good news…I can feel the excitement from her voice upon learning that they can attend Jason’s ordination…She’s very happy because this will be her first “out of the country” vacation with Papa…

Mama have been to Vienna, Austria because most of her sisters are there, Switzerland because she also attended an ordination and Italy because she paid a visit to one of her sisters…All these trips, Mama was alone…but this time, Papa will be with her…I am also very happy for them…they’ll be leaving for Guam on November 7 and they will be back on November 13…one day before my sister’s debut….


me and my sister

we may not be all together this coming Christmas and New Year because Papa and Mama are not sure if they will be spending the holidays here in Manila but I guess we will be celebrating it earlier…during Judy’s debut…I don’t know yet where the celebration will take place…maybe in Quezon City where we spent Christmas last year…


my Mama Idang’s house in Quezon City

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