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To be successful, people should work together like a well-oiled machine.

Consequently, every business is geared towards working as a single, unified team. Teamwork is needed for contending in today’s global arena where individual excellence is not as enviable as a high level of collective performance. People should work as an integral part of a team, that is. U.S. Auto Parts Philippines is composed of different teams with different tasks but with one common goal – to achieve victory in the wilderness that is the online car parts retail industry.

The concept is pretty simple: working as a team generates better and faster results. But, without time off from work, a person becomes fed up and jaded.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl,” as the saying goes.

In order to achieve a team’s goal, there should be motivation and enjoyable experiences in store for team members. This prompted the Brakes Category of the Data and Catalog Department to stage a team building/outing before 2008 ends with Villa Natalia in Sta. Maria, Bulacan as venue.

The purpose of this team building/outing is not only to have fun but also to build camaraderie between and among the members of the Brakes Category. But, to make an event enjoyable, it takes planning and effort. It took a month for the Brakes Category to plan the said activity. Come November 22, all’s set and ready. Team members went to the venue, commuter-style, kitchen and cooking utensils in tow. The team left for Bulacan past 4 P.M. and got there by 7:30 P.M. Upon arrival, members started working on their assigned tasks in the kitchen. In no time at all, food was up and ready for the team to partake in.

Dinner was served by 9 P.M. Grilled Liempo, Tilapia, Bicol Express, Laing, Ginataang Sitaw, Chop Suey, Adobong Isaw, and a cake were at the table for the team to munch. After having dinner, all were ready to go swimming.

And because it’s getting late and cold, every one agreed to start the drinking/sharing session. Lots of issues were talked about. Laughter filled the night. Sunday morning, games took place. Rock On and Rock Well were chosen as the two team’s name. Rock On came from one of the team members who kept on saying “Rock On” while drinking. There were three games: Mute Opera (Charade), Bridge Building, and Human Image (Paint Me a Picture). Team Rock Well was the overall winner.

After the games, the team feasted on another sumptuous breakfast. Salted Egg, Tinapa, Hotdog, Fried Liempo, and fruits were served. Full and sleepy, yet, no one stopped them from singing old time favorite songs. However, because the team needed to leave the resort by 1 P.M., some of the team members started to pack their things. The team left the place with a smile on their faces because of the fun they had. Now, the team is looking forward for their next get-together which will be on the 19th of December.

We can say that after the team building, Brakes Category now has that quintessential thing that binds them all: one team with one vision to achieve one goal.

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My OB, Dra. Sheila Illescas-Labrador cancelled my transvaginal ultrasound tomorrow because until now, I don’t have my monthly period =(…I don’t know why Duphaston didn’t work anymore…sigh! another reason why I’m sad because we’re having a team building on the 22nd…how can i go swinmming if I’ll have it on or before the 22nd?…I thought I’ll have it yesterday because I’m very exhausted for the past two days because friday was my sister’s birthday and sunday, me, my best friend Kathy and her officemate Beck, Mama Idang, and Jeff (my cousin’s cousin) went to ABS CBN to watch ASAP…we were at ABS CBN for almost 9hours…we watched ASAP live and ASAP taping as well…pictures will be posted here ASAP…hehe! click this for my sister’s birthday pictures…

That’s all for now…I just want you to know that I’m dissapointed because Duphaston didn’t work…=(

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An Update

It’s been days and weeks that our Category is dormant…after the application task, now, we’re at rest…it is also tiresome to just sit here and do nothing…so I’m making a post…hehe!

I’ll start with my sister’s debut…yey! She’ll be turning 18 tomorrow…we’ll be celebrating it in Quezon City (@ my tita’s house)…Papa and Mama just arrived from Guam this morning…so obviously, they’re here for my sister’s natal day…almost complete….unlike my debut…I just celebrated it with my classmates in college…Papa and Mama, Jude, and Judy weren’t there to celebrate with me…=(

Tomorrow, Judy will also be celebrating her birthday without our brother, Jude…he will be leaving for Canada, finally…tomorrow is his scheduled flight…sadly, I won’t be able to send him to the airport because I have work…I don’t know when is he coming back for a vacation…I just wish him good health….wahh! I’m starting to cry…I’ll miss my brother badly…=(

Btw, I watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa last Friday with my friend, Cinky…the movie was fun…we went home right after the movie…I slept over at her place in Pasay for two nights…Friday-Saturday…we had sing along Saturday night…thanks to her Wow Magic Sing…haha!


But before going to her place last Saturday, I went to Healthway to get my TVS result then to In My Womb 3D4D Ultrasound Centre to have my OB interpret the ultrasound…

Thank God I don’t have polycystic ovaries anymore though I have a 1.79cm cyst on my left ovary which is manageable according to my OB…she also added that PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome can be gone for a while but it will come back again and again…even after giving birth…

For now, I’m happy with the result of my ultrasound…I’m still taking metformin and fortunately, I’m not having problems with it…unlike those who suffer from nausea, headache, etc…I’m done with Duphaston and just waiting for my monthly period to come…on my second day, I’ll take Clomid…on November 19, I’ll be having another ultrasound…whew! This is my 4th cycle of Clomid…

In His time, I’ll have a baby…

Pray for me guys…


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halloween party

Halloween is usually observed on the 31st of October but the Brakes Category celebrated it a day before the said holiday…the team decorated the brakes “station” one week before the party…we actually had a busy week before the event…busy looking for costumes and busy gathering all the materials that will be used during the Trick or Treat…but it was all worth it…we had fun…

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