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My OB, Dra. Sheila Illescas-Labrador cancelled my transvaginal ultrasound tomorrow because until now, I don’t have my monthly period =(…I don’t know why Duphaston didn’t work anymore…sigh! another reason why I’m sad because we’re having a team building on the 22nd…how can i go swinmming if I’ll have it on or before the 22nd?…I thought I’ll have it yesterday because I’m very exhausted for the past two days because friday was my sister’s birthday and sunday, me, my best friend Kathy and her officemate Beck, Mama Idang, and Jeff (my cousin’s cousin) went to ABS CBN to watch ASAP…we were at ABS CBN for almost 9hours…we watched ASAP live and ASAP taping as well…pictures will be posted here ASAP…hehe! click this for my sister’s birthday pictures…

That’s all for now…I just want you to know that I’m dissapointed because Duphaston didn’t work…=(

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