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Off to Puerto Galera

The long wait is over. Finally, tonight, we’re off to the latest beach destination – Puerto Galera. My friends and I need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and for us, Puerto Galera is the perfect summer destination because we have a limited budget.

This is the first time for me and my friends to go to this place and this is also our first out of town trip. So you can just imagine how excited we are. And who’s with me on this trip? My sister, Judy and my friends – Hazel, Cinky, Frenesi, and Jolly (the same faces you see from the photos below but without the boys). Cinky and I planned the trip, made the necessary arrangements, and prepared the itinerary.

We’re not going to stay at White Beach because we want a place that’s serene. But we will definitely be going to White Beach tomorrow night to experience its night life and to taste the island’s cocktail specialty – Mindoro Sling. We’ll be staying in Talipanan – Bamboo House Beach Lodge & Restaurant, thus maybe, we’d be able to see Talipanan Falls though it’s not included in our itinerary. Swimming in the cool and clean water of the falls will surely refresh our body from the heat.

Tamaraw Falls is included in our list as well as Coral Garden. And what’s a vacation in Puerto Galera without riding a banana boat? The banana boat is common on every beach and Puerto Galera and our group as well is not one to be left behind. We’ll surely have fun in Puerto Galera.

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