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Yesterday, my friend [Cinky] texted me and asked me if I can go to her apartment to go videoke-ing. I said yes. I told her that I also need to chill out in preparation for next week’s task. I’m not Brakes’ QA anymore. I’ll be the new QA of a new category and just thinking about it makes my head spin.

So off I went to her place at 5:30 pm. Raymund and Jolly were already waiting when I got there. Tuna spaghetti, BBQ, and roasted chicken were at the table for us to munch. After dinner, we started singing and we started drinking vodka. After 1 bottle of vodka, we called it a night.

It was just a night out but I certainly had fun bonding with my friends. I’m looking forward to another Saturday night bonding with these guys.

satmadL-R: Jolly, Raymund, Cinky, Frenesi, Mydz, Hazel

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