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At 28

There’s too much to say but too little time and opportunity to blog for the past 27 days…I’ve been busy doing freelance, been busy at work and have been busy daydreaming…hehe…but, today is no excuse (though I intend to write a short post) because today is my birthday and I want to thank God for all His blessings… through this blog…

I am thankful that I have a job….that I’m in good shape…that my family is also doing okay…

My friends and I had an early birthday celebration at Abas Bar, Malate, four days ago…




for more photos, click this

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Busy for the Holidays

As much as I’d like to make a blog entry, I just can’t…laziness always strikes me…

Today, I feel like I just need to post just to update (again) my readers about my latest experiences, adventures, and everything that I want to share…

So I’ll start with my December escapades…

December 6, after how many months of not feeding myself with bottles of beer, I had 6 bottles of san mig light…whew! Our group celebrated an early Christmas party at Abas Bar, Malate – our favorite place…




December 14 – US Auto Parts Christmas party took place. Our pictures show that we enjoyed the party, ayt?



December 20 – We (Dex, Bhem, Lyn, Nice, Owen, Glady, and Ate Precy) had dinner at Dampa, Ortigas. Tempura, sinigang na hipon, tuna belly, baked tahong, and calamares were at the table for us to munch…



December 22 – Five members of Masbate Online agreed to have coffee at Starbucks, Glorietta 4…



December 24 – Christmas Eve…I just celebrated it with my bestfriend, my bestfriend’s cousin, and my bestfriend’s boyfriend…I wasn’t able to spend the holidays with papa, mama, and judy for some reasons…


December 25 – Christmas Day…we went to Tagaytay…I was with my bestfriend, my bestfriend’s cousin, my bestfriend’s boyfriend and his siblings…



January 1?

I’ll make another entry for my January escapades…tomorrow perhaps…


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10 years and still counting…

We are called Centennial Batch – Batch ’98…and this coming December 27-28, the Centennial Batch of Masbate National Comprehensive High School will be having their 10th year high school reunion…

the banner

the invitation

the t-shirt

the feeding program invitation

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To be successful, people should work together like a well-oiled machine.

Consequently, every business is geared towards working as a single, unified team. Teamwork is needed for contending in today’s global arena where individual excellence is not as enviable as a high level of collective performance. People should work as an integral part of a team, that is. U.S. Auto Parts Philippines is composed of different teams with different tasks but with one common goal – to achieve victory in the wilderness that is the online car parts retail industry.

The concept is pretty simple: working as a team generates better and faster results. But, without time off from work, a person becomes fed up and jaded.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl,” as the saying goes.

In order to achieve a team’s goal, there should be motivation and enjoyable experiences in store for team members. This prompted the Brakes Category of the Data and Catalog Department to stage a team building/outing before 2008 ends with Villa Natalia in Sta. Maria, Bulacan as venue.

The purpose of this team building/outing is not only to have fun but also to build camaraderie between and among the members of the Brakes Category. But, to make an event enjoyable, it takes planning and effort. It took a month for the Brakes Category to plan the said activity. Come November 22, all’s set and ready. Team members went to the venue, commuter-style, kitchen and cooking utensils in tow. The team left for Bulacan past 4 P.M. and got there by 7:30 P.M. Upon arrival, members started working on their assigned tasks in the kitchen. In no time at all, food was up and ready for the team to partake in.

Dinner was served by 9 P.M. Grilled Liempo, Tilapia, Bicol Express, Laing, Ginataang Sitaw, Chop Suey, Adobong Isaw, and a cake were at the table for the team to munch. After having dinner, all were ready to go swimming.

And because it’s getting late and cold, every one agreed to start the drinking/sharing session. Lots of issues were talked about. Laughter filled the night. Sunday morning, games took place. Rock On and Rock Well were chosen as the two team’s name. Rock On came from one of the team members who kept on saying “Rock On” while drinking. There were three games: Mute Opera (Charade), Bridge Building, and Human Image (Paint Me a Picture). Team Rock Well was the overall winner.

After the games, the team feasted on another sumptuous breakfast. Salted Egg, Tinapa, Hotdog, Fried Liempo, and fruits were served. Full and sleepy, yet, no one stopped them from singing old time favorite songs. However, because the team needed to leave the resort by 1 P.M., some of the team members started to pack their things. The team left the place with a smile on their faces because of the fun they had. Now, the team is looking forward for their next get-together which will be on the 19th of December.

We can say that after the team building, Brakes Category now has that quintessential thing that binds them all: one team with one vision to achieve one goal.

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halloween party

Halloween is usually observed on the 31st of October but the Brakes Category celebrated it a day before the said holiday…the team decorated the brakes “station” one week before the party…we actually had a busy week before the event…busy looking for costumes and busy gathering all the materials that will be used during the Trick or Treat…but it was all worth it…we had fun…

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Panagbenga 2008

Finally, I was able to take a break from work…a 3-day vacation at the Summer Capital Of the Philippines or the City Of Pines – Baguio City…been to different tourist spots (pictures below)…too bad though that I wasn’t able to go to the Philippine Military Academy because my schedule didn’t allow me to…my visit is also the time they celebrate Panagbenga so a lot of people can be found at the main thoroughfare of Baguio City (Session Road)…too crowded that I was only able to buy shawarma (my favorite) and left the place after…

now, it’s time to go to sleep…hehe…ciao!

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Happy New Year!

I thought I would be welcoming 2008 together with my family…you see, we’re all together during Christmas…but busy as my parents are, they have to be back in Masbate a day after Christmas to attend to some important matters…good thing that my cousin from Austria, Irene with her hubby (Laurence) and her daughter (Ashley Laurene) are here in Manila so I went to Paco to be with them to welcome 2008… it’s been four years since the last time I saw my cousin and so it was also some kind of a reunion…

Here are some pix taken before the year ends…


(L-R: me, my cousin Irene and her daughter Ashley, Cherry – Irene’s bestfriend)


(L-R: Irene and Ashley on her lap, her siblings Ericsson and Melanie)


(L-R: my preggy cousin – Melai, me, Rem – Melai’s hubby)

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I had a wonderful Christmas…Why? Simply because I’ve celebrated it together with my family…I may not have a family of my own but I have my family to make my Christmas happy and memorable…my apology for not taking pictures during the Noche Buena…been busy singing because after each song, a 20php awaits…LOL…the pictures below are taken before and after Christmas…

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Neo Cathechumenal Way will be having a Youth Pilgrimage in Iloilo City and guess what? I’ll be joining this event…i’ve never been to Iloilo so this will be a great opportunity…not only because I want to be in this place but also because I would be able to mingle with the other members of our community…two months to go and I’ll see you Iloilo…


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