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An Update

It’s been days and weeks that our Category is dormant…after the application task, now, we’re at rest…it is also tiresome to just sit here and do nothing…so I’m making a post…hehe!

I’ll start with my sister’s debut…yey! She’ll be turning 18 tomorrow…we’ll be celebrating it in Quezon City (@ my tita’s house)…Papa and Mama just arrived from Guam this morning…so obviously, they’re here for my sister’s natal day…almost complete….unlike my debut…I just celebrated it with my classmates in college…Papa and Mama, Jude, and Judy weren’t there to celebrate with me…=(

Tomorrow, Judy will also be celebrating her birthday without our brother, Jude…he will be leaving for Canada, finally…tomorrow is his scheduled flight…sadly, I won’t be able to send him to the airport because I have work…I don’t know when is he coming back for a vacation…I just wish him good health….wahh! I’m starting to cry…I’ll miss my brother badly…=(

Btw, I watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa last Friday with my friend, Cinky…the movie was fun…we went home right after the movie…I slept over at her place in Pasay for two nights…Friday-Saturday…we had sing along Saturday night…thanks to her Wow Magic Sing…haha!


But before going to her place last Saturday, I went to Healthway to get my TVS result then to In My Womb 3D4D Ultrasound Centre to have my OB interpret the ultrasound…

Thank God I don’t have polycystic ovaries anymore though I have a 1.79cm cyst on my left ovary which is manageable according to my OB…she also added that PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome can be gone for a while but it will come back again and again…even after giving birth…

For now, I’m happy with the result of my ultrasound…I’m still taking metformin and fortunately, I’m not having problems with it…unlike those who suffer from nausea, headache, etc…I’m done with Duphaston and just waiting for my monthly period to come…on my second day, I’ll take Clomid…on November 19, I’ll be having another ultrasound…whew! This is my 4th cycle of Clomid…

In His time, I’ll have a baby…

Pray for me guys…


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Trip to Guam

I got very excited when Mama told me that they (with Papa) are going to Guam to attend the ordination of Jason, a neighbor in Masbate…Yesterday, Mama gave me a ring to tell me the good news…I can feel the excitement from her voice upon learning that they can attend Jason’s ordination…She’s very happy because this will be her first “out of the country” vacation with Papa…

Mama have been to Vienna, Austria because most of her sisters are there, Switzerland because she also attended an ordination and Italy because she paid a visit to one of her sisters…All these trips, Mama was alone…but this time, Papa will be with her…I am also very happy for them…they’ll be leaving for Guam on November 7 and they will be back on November 13…one day before my sister’s debut….


me and my sister

we may not be all together this coming Christmas and New Year because Papa and Mama are not sure if they will be spending the holidays here in Manila but I guess we will be celebrating it earlier…during Judy’s debut…I don’t know yet where the celebration will take place…maybe in Quezon City where we spent Christmas last year…


my Mama Idang’s house in Quezon City

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Happy Mother’s Day!

me and my mom

It’s Mother’s Day once again…the time to give back our moms the love and care they’ve showered on us…

For You, Mama

I love you Mama. I adore you.
I love the way you love me, care for me.

Since I was born, you have never cared for yourself.
I am the one who have occupied all your thoughts day and night.
I know that Mama.

You have been taking much pain to bring me up in a proper way
Since I was born, you’ve given me the best gift in the world,
your unconditional love.

In your love, in your care, in your gentle understanding,
I see the kindness and love of God.
When I hug you, seems that there is no other thing I want from life.
Your love is enough for me.

Have I ever thanked you?
Have I ever acknowledged your sacrifices?
I know you expect nothing from me.
I can’t do what you did for me and what you are still doing for me.

In return of all your sacrifices,
In return of all your love and care,
I can present you with but one gift – my honest, unconditional love.


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Happy New Year!

I thought I would be welcoming 2008 together with my family…you see, we’re all together during Christmas…but busy as my parents are, they have to be back in Masbate a day after Christmas to attend to some important matters…good thing that my cousin from Austria, Irene with her hubby (Laurence) and her daughter (Ashley Laurene) are here in Manila so I went to Paco to be with them to welcome 2008… it’s been four years since the last time I saw my cousin and so it was also some kind of a reunion…

Here are some pix taken before the year ends…


(L-R: me, my cousin Irene and her daughter Ashley, Cherry – Irene’s bestfriend)


(L-R: Irene and Ashley on her lap, her siblings Ericsson and Melanie)


(L-R: my preggy cousin – Melai, me, Rem – Melai’s hubby)

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I had a wonderful Christmas…Why? Simply because I’ve celebrated it together with my family…I may not have a family of my own but I have my family to make my Christmas happy and memorable…my apology for not taking pictures during the Noche Buena…been busy singing because after each song, a 20php awaits…LOL…the pictures below are taken before and after Christmas…

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