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Yesterday, my friend [Cinky] texted me and asked me if I can go to her apartment to go videoke-ing. I said yes. I told her that I also need to chill out in preparation for next week’s task. I’m not Brakes’ QA anymore. I’ll be the new QA of a new category and just thinking about it makes my head spin.

So off I went to her place at 5:30 pm. Raymund and Jolly were already waiting when I got there. Tuna spaghetti, BBQ, and roasted chicken were at the table for us to munch. After dinner, we started singing and we started drinking vodka. After 1 bottle of vodka, we called it a night.

It was just a night out but I certainly had fun bonding with my friends. I’m looking forward to another Saturday night bonding with these guys.

satmadL-R: Jolly, Raymund, Cinky, Frenesi, Mydz, Hazel

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leisure walk at serendra

with kathy, my best friend since grade four
with kathy and cez

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Abbie, Biggs, Rom-Rom (because her name is Abigail Roma), or Abigail, one of my classmates from high school came home from Brunei together with her husband and three kids to visit her family…after spending a week with her family in Masbate, our hometown, she asked Cecille if we could meet and see her before leaving for Brunei…so Cecille dropped a line to some of our classmates to let them know that we will have dinner at Fish & Co, Shangri-La Plaza Mall…the dinner happened last night…as usual, I was the first to arrive, followed by Kiti – Cecille – Kathy – Biggs – Dindo and lastly, Neri-Ann with her hubby, Joeff…we just had New York Fish & Chips, Prawn Fettucini with Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Baked Oysters with Spinach and Cheese, mango juice, and flavored tea…

Pictures? I’ll ask Biggs to email me our pictures, as in ASAP…btw, thanks Biggs for the L’Oreal lipstick…*wink*

On a different topic, I’m upset; really disappointed…I have my period… meaning, I’m not pregnant…at first, I thought it was just implantation bleeding but it wasn’t…

Light Spotting – if you have conceived, spotting can happen when implantation occurs before your menstrual period should begin. Pregnancy bleeding from implantation is pinkish or brownish and not heavy. A normal menstrual flow should begin light, become heavy, and then taper off again before ending…

today is the second day of my period…and it’s heavy…just like my normal monthly period, heavy on the 2nd day…but I will still try…I’ll ask my OB-GYN if I should continue my medication (provera) to normalize my menstruation but I will stop taking clomid for now…please keep on praying for me guys… =(

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me, my sister, and my friends went to tagaytay last Sunday in spite of the weather…it was raining cats and dogs here in Manila last Sunday…lol…but since this is Chin’s (the one in denim jacket) last day here in Pinas, we continued with our plan – to bring her to a place she’ll never forget…and she will really never forget Sonya’s Garden because it was her first time to eat white cheese…lol…we had lunch there and went to Pink Sisters after…checkout our pictures…btw, Chin is leaving for Denmark tomorrow…gonna miss you sis…:-(

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May 31, 2008 – Abas Bar, Ermita

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cez, me, and kathy
@ pizza hut

judy (my sis), kathy, me, and cez

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the original plan – White Beach, Puerto Galera… yes, to make the most of the summer, me and my friends considered Puerto Galera as our next destination… Cinky and I made inquiries about the place, how to get there, hotel rates, facilities, and the like…but all the hard work turned out to be useless… only Me, Cinky, And Frenesi wanted to go…and the rest? they are on a tight budget… 😦 so perhaps, Ace Water Spa or Club Manila East will do… just for all of us to be together…

on a different topic, Me, Hazel, Cinky, and Jolly went to Harbour Square, near CCP, last sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day… we had our lunch at Iceberg…but prior to that, we were at MOA (Mall Of Asia)…


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the unleashed

QAs Top Performer

I know this is a late post already…Ai, my dearly loved colleague and friend is home for a week now…back to the place she calls home – Bicol…

Her four months stay here in Manila made her family happy… I get to know her better… she shares stories about her boyfriend, her family, her plans… everything… I can’t actually believe that she’s talkative too… when we’re still in Legazpi, she hardly talk… but like Amiel, my former colleague who waited for months to mingle with us, Ai came out of her shell after 1 month… congrats Ai! lol… I know you’re happy there and you are complete because you are reunited with your ministry…

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nikki, me, and glyn

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they are back…

yes, they are back – the Pagudpud people…and so? hehe…ahhmm, just wanted to let you know that they are back and they have to take their bath here at the office…haha…i know, there are lots of stories to tell and brag about their adventure but we have to work first…



ah, me? i’m with my friend cinky, last night…after sending off papa (as in my biological father) to the bus station, cinky and I went to Rob Place…had coffee at Starbucks and ahhmm…2 sticks of cigar…hehe…

bye for now…i’m just sneaking a post from the office…

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