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Every day, I see the same faces…and that is because I ride the same bus every day – CityLink… I usually wake up at 5:15 AM…take a bath, blow dry my hair, and get dressed… normally, I leave the house by 6:05 AM… I have 10-15minutes to walk and reach the place where CityLink buses pass by…I have to wait for 15-20minutes before the bus arrives…see, what I breathed in early morning is the polluted air of the Metropolis…sigh!…

I normally get a seat but there are times that I don’t…at times, guys offer me their seats but most of the time, they don’t…what remains constant is I see the same faces every day…

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Can’t think of a title…can’t think of a sensible post actually…I just thought of updating my blog and let you know how am I doing these past few days and weeks…well, we’ve been working over time doing applications check…so I’m not just a Product Notes QA but also a member of the application team…sigh! Imagine, we check every SKU and look for all vehicle makes and models applicable for that specific SKU…sigh again! We’re staying until 8pm at the office…and the bad thing is it’s as if those long hours of stay here at the office were unpaid…33hours and I only got 3900php? OT pay’s supposed to be non-taxable but unfortunately, it isn’t…thank God though that we’re done with the applications check…today, I’m purely a Product Notes QA again…

Hmmmm…aside from work, I would like to inform you also that I had my tattoo…the sun and moon tattoo…I have it on my upper back, just below my nape…it’s there for 1 week and 4days now ….I don’t have an uploaded picture yet but I will immediately post it here once I have it…

And oh, I am also going to Boracay on December 2-4…I will go there with some of my officemates…not very much of my excitement, I already bought a Speedo two piece as early as last week…seeing it every day motivates me to go on a diet…haha!

So there…just to keep you posted…


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yes, we make plans, have dreams, set goals…but the question is, will all of these materialize or will they end in complete failure? remember that the only certain thing in life is uncertainty… some of our plans may end up in glorious victory and some in frustrating defeat… that is life’s nature… and because of this, it is very important to learn how to deal with disappointment… we should not feel pain when things don’t go our way… actually, disappointment can build character and patience if you allow it to… it can teach you to learn from your setbacks, accept life with all its unexpected frustrations and come out the other side stronger…

Here are six powerful steps to help you deal with disappointment:

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Automatic Coping Actions

Disappointment is a very difficult experience to endure. It’s very easy to perceive disappointment as an unalterable failure. Disappointment can feel so overwhelmingly bad that your first automatic reaction might be to soothe yourself with some old tried and true coping strategy. Perhaps you find yourself overeating ice cream for comfort, going to bed to escape life, or drinking away your disappointment. Falling into an old comfort habit is fine, but it’s not fine to remain there.

When you realize what you have done, let yourself know that it is okay that you checked out for a while. You’re back now. And just because you overate or indulged yourself in a numbing or avoidance action, doesn’t mean your disappointment is gone. It’s still there inside of you, waiting for you to process it in an appropriate manner. When the effect of your coping strategy starts to wear off, take a deep breath and deal with your disappointment in positive, new ways.

Step 2: Acknowledge What You Feel

To move through your disappointment, begin from where you are. Whatever you are feeling is your starting place. Disappointment is a rotten sensation and if you are in an emotional uproar, that is acceptable. You feel what you feel. There’s no need to be nice, or quiet, or suppressed. Instead of numbing out or avoiding what is real, express your pain. Cry if you want to cry, cuss at the unfairness of your situation, scream at the top of your lungs, beat a pillow, or write a raging letter about your disappointment. The point is not to blame, punish, or dump your feelings on anyone. Your purpose is to be honest with yourself about what you are feeling. If you feel hate, bitterness, self-pity, helplessness, or even desire revenge, then that is what you feel. Express yourself to yourself, get it out into the open, then move on to the next step.

Step 3: Put Things into Perspective

At first, your disappointment can feel like the end of the world. It’s not easy to accept that you’ve worked hard to attain a certain outcome and now you face disappointment. Let yourself know that while your disappointment feels bad, this kind of thing happens to everyone in life. You are not being singled out or punished. Remind yourself that disappointments won’t last forever. The sun will shine again, tomorrow will come, and soon you will feel better again.

Step 4: Dissolve Doubt

When experiencing disappointment, it can be easy to slip into doubt. You may automatically find yourself engaged in limited thinking, and feel yourself wanting to give up. Become aware of what beliefs rise to the surface as you face your disappointment. Here are a few examples:

* I can never have what I want.
* It was stupid of me to even try.
* There wasn’t really much chance of success in the first place.
* My best is never good enough.
* Poor me, why does something like this always happen to me.
* I’m being punished.

The benefit of facing disappointment in a new way is that you allow yourself to become consciously aware of what you believe deep down inside of you about your life, your self, and your abilities to succeed. Once you can recognize your limiting beliefs, you can take steps to begin releasing those beliefs and building new self-empowering beliefs.

Step 5: Take Three Deep Breaths

Often, our first response is to analyze what went wrong and then try to fix the disappointment. We begin to obsess about the disappointment, telling ourselves repeatedly, “I’m so disappointed. What can I do?” We go over the situation repeatedly looking for a way to make it right, or for someone to blame. Notice how trying to fix the situation makes you feel tight, anxious, and fearful.

There is another option. When you are feeling disappointment, take three deep breaths and go into yourself. Allow your mind and body to relax and calm down. Release some of your tension. Now, as you consider your disappointment, say the words, “There’s a positive lining to this disappointment and I’m sure something good is coming from this experience.” Don’t try to hide from your disappointment, but find ways to extract value from your experience. Notice that by breathing and relaxing a little, you begin to open to new possibilities along with new hope.

What you say to yourself during your disappointment can make all the difference. I’m not suggesting sugar-coated affirmations here. There is nothing worse than affirming, “I am blissful, content and serene” when you are anything but.

Step 6: Talk to You

Now more than ever, you need a friend to listen to your situation and to support you through this difficult time. That friend needs to be you. Go to the nearest mirror and talk to yourself. Tell your story, state out loud how you feel, and then encourage yourself. Tell yourself, “I can make it through this.” Your words can help connect you to your spirit, your confidence, and your source of new possibilities. In case you are out of practice with your self-encouragement, here are some empowering statements that can lift your spirits:

* I know that I’ll feel better soon.
* I’ve gotten through disappointment before. I know I’ll get through this.
* I’m going to be open to the silver lining hidden within this disappointment.
* Good will come out of this situation. I choose to be patient as it unfolds.
* I don’t know exactly what to do right now, but I know that I will make the right choices.
* I have choice over my feelings and right now, I choose to breathe more deeply into my peace, not my fear.

Remember, it takes courage to leave the rut of disappointment. Don’t quit yet. Use the steps above to discover the tremendous capacity within you to rise above and beyond your disappointment and reach success.

Article source: ezinearticles.com

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How To Spend Money Wisely

God expects us to have faith, but also to use common sense and wise planning in allocating the resources He has given us. The best way to manage your money and stay out of debt is to have a strategy in place before the expenses or temptations arise. Read on and learn…

Ø Find clothes on sale. Look for clearance sales at stores. Be sure to buy basic items like a long tank top, a basic t shirt, and at least 2 pairs of jeans.

Ø Find versatile footwear. Buy a pair of flip flops (black or white because they match with everything). Purchase lasting sneakers on clearance and nice going-out shoes.

Ø Avoid splurging too much at once. If you go out to the movies, for example, don’t buy movie theatre snacks. Instead, after the movie, get a milkshake or doughnut from a store nearby. (or eat first before entering the theatre)

Ø Accessorize. But accessories are costly sometimes so if you are creative, you can save money from buying accessories from the malls. You can make your own purses, bags, wallets, cell phone, and ipod cases by crocheting and knitting.

Ø Save half of each paycheck and use the other half for spending. Or divide it into three, some for spending, some for saving and some for bills. (hope I can do this)

Ø If your job does not take up all your time, get a part-time job to make more money. Even if this job is a once-a-week thing, if it means more money, go for it!

Ø Do not get a credit card unless you are under deadly circumstances. A credit card just tempts you to splurge out. (which I am guilty of)

Ø Compile a list of what you need, and what you want. Budget for it so that when your salary comes in, you can buy what is on the list. Don’t buy anything that is not on the list, though. Include food, clothes, and extras for the kids.

Ø Treat yourself when you have saved a lot of money. Instead of buying that expensive watch, you bought the cheaper one and saved yourself $300! Celebrate by going out for coffee with a friend.

Ø Ask for a pay raise if you feel you deserve one. Tell your boss why you think you deserve one, and reason fairly.

Ø Know when to limit yourself. If you are a magazine obsessed person and you buy 10 thousand magazines each month, stop! Just buy one or two of your favorite magazines.

Ø Don’t go out and spend all of your money at the pub, drinking. It is such a waste. Limit yourself to a couple of drinks or no drinks per week. Or you can just quit drinking altogether. It will surely save you a lot of money.

Ø Go through all of your old stuff, sort out a section that you don’t want and sell it. Hold a garage sale or auction off stuff on eBay. Instant cash!

Ø Buy all your stuff from Amazon or eBay. Books that are $49.95 at book shops are $2.07 there!

Ø Avoid borrowing money. It adds up to the cost. You really want something. Put it on a list, and get it next month!

Ø Limit your computer, telephone, television, radio, and electricity time.

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break-up1break ups be likely to occur for many reasons… infidelity, unsatisfied sex life, jealousy and so much more… in some cases, things that cause break ups can be taken into any new relationships, causing it to be doomed from the start… but this need not happen… any person going through a break up can now get the help that they need and deserve to get their life back on track.

but… the loss of a relationship can be incredibly hard… you can feel so much pain… not only the grief from losing someone important in your life, but the pain of seeing your hopes and dreams of a future life together disappear as well…

you’ll have this feeling like you’re starting over… you may feel like you’re starting over… that you’ve lost everything that was important to you and you’re not sure what to do anymore… it may be hard for you to imagine your life without your partner – your lives have been so intertwined… but hey! it’s not the end of the world… this is for you, my friend…

here is how to deal with break ups:

Ø Yes there will definitely be a period of intense shock, anger, hatred, jealousy, self doubts etc. Maybe even total disorientation and re-adjustments. Remember by letting your emotions control you are allowing the final triumph to your ‘opponent’. So don’t let this period of heightened emotions last more than 3 days.

Ø Don’t feed on these emotions to sustain them. Just like you would very willingly go under a surgeon’s knife to cut off a cancerous growth, treat this situation like a cancer. Say you have just got a confirmation from your doctor that you have cancer. And you must get out from under its influence as fast as you can. So you can first sit down and cry, scream or rant then let it sink in. Accept the fact and then concentrate on the healing process. Let it go.

Ø Ok Get this straight. Something definitely went wrong in that relationship, but first thing first… You are not the cause of it. Period.

Ø Don’t waste your energies and remaining finances in ‘getting back at him’ or getting revenge. It’s better for you this way. Let this abusive, unappreciative person go. Nature works in its own ways. The world is full of excellent people, and this is its way of enabling you reach someone more appreciative of you.

Ø First take stalk of your situation. What do you need to do to get back in control? How do you recoup your losses? Talk to someone you trust. Do you need to talk to your lawyer?

Ø Next you may need a change of ‘scene’ doing something totally different from what you used to do together. Can you take a few days ‘change of scene’ vacation and go somewhere else or do something totally different.

Ø Concentrate on building up your life and start the healing process. Remember the world is huge, beautiful and full of surprises. This is a ‘re-birth’ for you – a chance to start over again and make something better. Remember it’s not your loss; it’s a gain – a bonus from nature to escape from a relationship that was not going anywhere. So make the exit gracefully and positively and make a grand entrée in to your new life. People are going to respect you for it.

remember, there is more to life than crying over a break-up… the only way to get out of a relationship is with one’s head held high… and it‘s time you felt it for yourself…

keep also in mind that not every love relationship has a happy ending and thousands of breakups happen each day…

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saturday night…

woke up at around 10AM…still feeling dizzy and my head is aching from last nyt’s night out with my friends since elementary – Jolly, Cinky, and Hazel…we really had a great time…talked about everything but more on our love life (is there also a plural form of love life?…hehe) Cinky revealed the reason of her breakup with his boyfriend for 5 years, Hazel also revealed why he and her boyfriend for 3 years parted ways and told them also why me and my boyfriend for 6 years had to call it quits…

we’ve talked about good and bad memories with our past relationships…Cinky can’t still move on because Tim is her first boyfriend…and I guess four months is not indeed enough to heal a broken heart…Hazel, after breaking up with her boyfriend last December is I think moving on…I don’t see any pain in her eyes unlike Cinky who can’t help but cry upon hearing some songs of the band…me? hmmm…can we change the topic? why don’t just check our pictures below and see how happy we are despite the fact that we are single…

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falling in love…

I wanna share you this post because it touched my heart and I know you too, can relate to this…

(Debunking The Myths That Are Driving You Crazy)
By: Bo Sanchez

This article isn’t for teenagers only.

Falling in love happens to the young and the not-so-young. (Did you see 42-year-old Tom Cruise jump up and down Oprah’s couch because of Katie?). It happens to everyone. Fat, thin, tall, short, intelligent, uneducated, holy, not so holy, dark, white, yellow, green… it doesn’t really matter. All of us fall in love. And we get stuck in myths that drive us absolutely crazy. My goal is to debunk these myths and convince you not to believe in them. Let’s begin…

MYTH 1: LOVE WILL CONQUER ALL.Let me qualify. This is such a tricky myth. Because love, as defined by the Bible, will conquer all. But love, as defined by glazed-eyed lovers, will not. If you believe in this myth, you might do the following:You overlook major obstacles in your relationship. Everyone you know is wondering why you chose that creature from outer space as your boyfriend. Your bestfriends are telling you to get rid of him. Your family is telling you to throw him out of a running vehicle. Aling Rosa of the sari-sari store across the street is telling you to lace his drink with poison. But you won’t, because you’re in love. That’s why there are songs entitled, “You And Me Against The World.”

Your bestbuds comment, “but he’s been jobless for the past three years!” And you say, “He’s free-spirited. He feels boxed in when he’s in the office. (in other words, he’s undisciplined, lazy bum.)

Your officemates say, “He flirts with other women constantly!” and you say, “No, he’s just friendly.” (in other words, he’s a pervert).

Your cousins say, “He’s taking drugs, he’s got needle marks all over his arm.” And you say, “No, he’s into cross stitching.”

You overstay in toxic relationships, believing that your love will change him.The wedding doesn’t transform anyone. Even if three Popes officiate the wedding. The person you’ll march with into the church will be the same person you’ll march with out of the church. He doesn’t change one bit. In fact, the marriage makes the hidden more obvious. If he was selfish before he got married, he will be even more selfish after the wedding. If he was hypercritical before he got married, he’ll even be more vile and prolific with his criticisms after the wedding. Here’s the truth: You need more than feelings of love to make a relationship work. You need mature character, total commitment and a minimum level of compatibility. Especially compatibility in the area of values and mission in life. I hear people say, “We’re compatible. Our names begin with the same letter J. My name is Julie and his name is Julio. We’re both born in July.” Wow. That’s so deep, I want to cry.

MYTH 2: WHEN IT’S TRUE LOVE, YOU WILL KNOW THE MOMENT YOU MEET THE OTHER PERSON.I’m sure you’ve had this experience before. You are in a crowded room. You’re surrounded by boring, noisy chatter when, suddenly, this gorgeous guy enters the door. Your eyes meet. Instantly, time stands still. The universe grinds to a halt. Except for this attractive man in front of you, everything in your vision becomes a giant blur. The hubbub of the crowd becomes a soft muffle and, from out of nowhere, you hear gentle violin music from the background. One week later, he’s your boyfriend. A few weeks later, you discover that your boyfriend’s a pathological liar, buried in credit card debt, borrows money from all his girlfriends (you’re his eighth in six months). Your mind says, “Dump him!” Your heart says, “But it was love at first sight!” Here are the consequences…

You become so focused on the magical first moment, you become blind to the dark side of the relationship. Six out of seven days, you’re fighting with your boyfriend. But you can’t give him up because you met each other in such a magical moment. Your car keys fell and he picked it up, and then your eyes met, you smelled his deodorant, and you dropped your keys again… How can you not be meant for each other?

You become a love-at-first-sight junkie that you could miss out on the “real thing”. One intelligent woman told me, “Bo, there’s this guy who’s courting me. He’s okay. He’s kind, he’s responsible, he has a good job…” I could hear a ‘but’ coming ,” I said. “but there are no sparks!” she bit her lip. “No violin music playing in the background, huh! None. When I see him, the background music I hear is lululalu-lalulalulalei…” Listen. You don’t need a magical first moment to meet our potential husband. The important things are mature character, financial responsibility, ability for commitment, compatible mission and values. I actually met this girl again on her wedding, and before she marched down the aisle, she whispered to me, “Do you hear the violin music, Bo? It’s loud and clear.” It doesn’t have to be love at first sight. In fact, marriages with the least adjustments are those between friends who’ve known each other for years before they realize that they’re good marriage material. What is love at first sight? Many times, it’s lust at first sight. Or infatuation at first sight. Don’t give it too much weight. Here’s the truth: it takes a moment to experience infatuation but true love takes a lifetime.

MYTH 3: IF IT IS TRUE LOVE, YOU WILL FEEL THIS WAY FOR EACH OTHER FOREVER.No, you won’t. Here are the consequences for believing this myth :

You panic when the feelings wane, and wonder whether the marriage is over and whether you really loved one another in the first place. Imagine the night of your honeymoon. Your new bride is sleeping. The cotton curtains are gently swaying in the cool breeze. You gaze at her lovely face. You study her soft cheeks. Her long eyelashes, her beautiful nose, her parted red lips. And all of a sudden, she snores.”Ngggggggooork!!” How do you react? Because it’s your honeymoon, you say, “How cute!” Six months down the road, the same scene transpires. Your wife is sleeping. And the same cotton curtains are gently swaying in the cool breeze. And you hear her snore.”Ngggggoork!” What do you say? “Ssssssheeeesh, Honey! You sound like a boat!” What has happened? The feelings have gone. Let me say this: That’s normal. It happens to everyone. But it doesn’t mean your love is gone so don’t panic! You can make a decision to love the snoring boat.

You start blaming your partner for the loss of love. This is nutty. But many people do it: when we don’t feel in love, we think it’s the faultof the other person. And so we fight him. Again, we fall out of love because we’re human beings. It’s nobody’s fault. The moment you fall out of love, the real work begins . Let me explain. This is the most important point I’m going to make. (I got this from Scott Peck in his bestseller book, The Road Less Traveled).

Falling in love isn’t love. Here’s why. When you fall in love…

No decision is required. Falling in love just happens.

No effort is required. Falling in love is like…. well, falling.

No hard work is required. Falling in love is being bitten by the love bug.

On the other hand, true love requires all three : Decision, effort and lots of hard work. In the Bible, love is a command. You make it happen. Sure true love can only happen after you’ve fallen out of love. When you begin choosing to love, even if you don’t feel like doing it — that’s true love. And that’s the foundation of a lasting marriage.

MYTH 4: YOUR PARTNER WILL FULFILL YOU COMPLETELY.Again because falling in love satisfied you completely, you want the same satisfaction to last. No it won’t. Consequence? You might fail to recognize a good relationship because your partner isn’t fulfilling the needs you should be fulfilling yourself. Here’s the truth: the right partner will fulfill many of your needs but not all of them. There are just some things your husband can’t give you: Your self-worth. Your spirituality. Your inner happiness. These are things you have to work on your own. I’ve met lots of people who think they’re dissatisfied with their marriage. In reality, they’re dissatisfied with themselves. I’ve met lots of people who think they’re bored with their marriages. And they complain to the high heavens how boring their husband or wife is, when in truth, they’re really bored with life. Meet your own needs. Find your happiness in God. Find your niche, your calling, your destiny. And then share your joy with your spouse.

MYTH 5: IF IT’S TRUE LOVE, YOU WON’T BE ATTRACTED TO ANYONE ELSE.If you believe in this myth, you panic when you get attracted to someone else, questioning the authenticity of your love for your spouse. One man told me, “Bo, I love my wife. Or I thought I did. But then I met this woman at work. She has nice make-up. She smells nice. She wears a pencil-cut skirt. When I go home, my wife is wearing a drab rag. Her hair is undone. She smells of vinegar. Gosh I am attracted to this girl atwork.” Being attracted to someone is normal, even if you have a happy marriage. But being attracted doesn’t mean falling into adultery. Every time you think of the other woman, discipline your heart and say, “Home, boy… home!” and escort your heart back to your wife. Because if you feed your attraction with fantasies and constantly think about the other woman, it grows . But if you starve your attraction, it dies a natural death.

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