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God is Good LogoThank you, Lord.

And of course, I’d also like to say Thank You to all of my friends who have shown their concern to me and for including me in their prayers.

My HSSG yesterday was a success and the result showed that my fallopian tubes are patent, which only means that I don’t have to go through in-vitro fertilization. For now, I just need to continue taking Duphaston and Clomiphene Citrate.

For the uninitiated, Clomiphene Citrate or Clomid is often used in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) related infertility [I’ve mentioned here before that I have PCOS]. It may also be used in cases of unexplained infertility, or when a couple prefers not to use the more expensive and invasive fertility treatments like IVF.

Duphaston is used in a wide range of menstrual disorders that are thought to result from a lack of progesterone in the body. In women, progesterone is responsible for the development of a healthy womb lining (endometrium) that is needed for pregnancy.

Now, here’s what my OB did yesterday. It’s called saline infusion sonography.

A Fr. 10 pedia foley catheter was inserted into the internal cervical os after aspesis and antisepsis. About 5 cc NSS was instilled into the endometrial cavity dilating it to visualize the endometrial borders which was noted to be smooth and free of lesions. An average of 15 cc NSS was further instilled to dilate the fallopian tubes and demonstrate spillage and later collection of fluid in the posterior cul-de-sac suggestive of patent tubes. The balloon was then deflated and as the catheter was being pulled out, NSS was further instilled to dilate the endocervical canal which was also noted to be smooth and free of lesion.

Proliferative endometrium.

Polycystic – like features, both ovaries – with several small peripherally located follicles measuring less than 1 cm and with dense central stroma.

Patent fallopian tubes.

Yes, I still have PCOS. I just can’t get rid of it. But at least, I have patent fallopian tubes.

Pregnancy rates in several studies have been reported to be slightly increased in the first months following a hysterosalpingogram. This may be due to the fact that the flushing of the tubes with the contrast could open a minor blockage or clean out some debris that may be a factor that is preventing the couple from conceiving.

You can read the whole article by clicking this.

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anxious-presentiment-photo-by-pulpoluxI’ve been feeling very anxious these past few days. Actually, I’ve always been. I don’t know why. A lot of things bother me. And my hormonal imbalance problem frets me further.

Today, I am blogging once again to at least free my mind from some of the anxieties I’ve been dealing with ever since I’ve had this hormonal imbalance. I’ve been through a lot of TVS, fertility drugs, medicines to normalize my menstruation, even timed intercourse and this time, I will go through a procedure that is new to me – HSSG. Yes, I’ll have my HSSG procedure this afternoon.

So what is HSSG?

HSSG or Hysterosalpingoscintigraphy is a simple method to evaluate the transport function of the uterus and fallopian tubes. Read more here. I wasn’t able to get enough information about this procedure hence it really scares me. 😦 But I don’t want to give up.

I just hope that this time, it’ll work so I won’t have to go through IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

I need your prayers guys. Thanks in advance.

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At 28

There’s too much to say but too little time and opportunity to blog for the past 27 days…I’ve been busy doing freelance, been busy at work and have been busy daydreaming…hehe…but, today is no excuse (though I intend to write a short post) because today is my birthday and I want to thank God for all His blessings… through this blog…

I am thankful that I have a job….that I’m in good shape…that my family is also doing okay…

My friends and I had an early birthday celebration at Abas Bar, Malate, four days ago…




for more photos, click this

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My OB, Dra. Sheila Illescas-Labrador cancelled my transvaginal ultrasound tomorrow because until now, I don’t have my monthly period =(…I don’t know why Duphaston didn’t work anymore…sigh! another reason why I’m sad because we’re having a team building on the 22nd…how can i go swinmming if I’ll have it on or before the 22nd?…I thought I’ll have it yesterday because I’m very exhausted for the past two days because friday was my sister’s birthday and sunday, me, my best friend Kathy and her officemate Beck, Mama Idang, and Jeff (my cousin’s cousin) went to ABS CBN to watch ASAP…we were at ABS CBN for almost 9hours…we watched ASAP live and ASAP taping as well…pictures will be posted here ASAP…hehe! click this for my sister’s birthday pictures…

That’s all for now…I just want you to know that I’m dissapointed because Duphaston didn’t work…=(

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An Update

It’s been days and weeks that our Category is dormant…after the application task, now, we’re at rest…it is also tiresome to just sit here and do nothing…so I’m making a post…hehe!

I’ll start with my sister’s debut…yey! She’ll be turning 18 tomorrow…we’ll be celebrating it in Quezon City (@ my tita’s house)…Papa and Mama just arrived from Guam this morning…so obviously, they’re here for my sister’s natal day…almost complete….unlike my debut…I just celebrated it with my classmates in college…Papa and Mama, Jude, and Judy weren’t there to celebrate with me…=(

Tomorrow, Judy will also be celebrating her birthday without our brother, Jude…he will be leaving for Canada, finally…tomorrow is his scheduled flight…sadly, I won’t be able to send him to the airport because I have work…I don’t know when is he coming back for a vacation…I just wish him good health….wahh! I’m starting to cry…I’ll miss my brother badly…=(

Btw, I watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa last Friday with my friend, Cinky…the movie was fun…we went home right after the movie…I slept over at her place in Pasay for two nights…Friday-Saturday…we had sing along Saturday night…thanks to her Wow Magic Sing…haha!


But before going to her place last Saturday, I went to Healthway to get my TVS result then to In My Womb 3D4D Ultrasound Centre to have my OB interpret the ultrasound…

Thank God I don’t have polycystic ovaries anymore though I have a 1.79cm cyst on my left ovary which is manageable according to my OB…she also added that PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome can be gone for a while but it will come back again and again…even after giving birth…

For now, I’m happy with the result of my ultrasound…I’m still taking metformin and fortunately, I’m not having problems with it…unlike those who suffer from nausea, headache, etc…I’m done with Duphaston and just waiting for my monthly period to come…on my second day, I’ll take Clomid…on November 19, I’ll be having another ultrasound…whew! This is my 4th cycle of Clomid…

In His time, I’ll have a baby…

Pray for me guys…


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my tattoo

as promised, here’s a picture of my tattoo…*wink*

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Can’t think of a title…can’t think of a sensible post actually…I just thought of updating my blog and let you know how am I doing these past few days and weeks…well, we’ve been working over time doing applications check…so I’m not just a Product Notes QA but also a member of the application team…sigh! Imagine, we check every SKU and look for all vehicle makes and models applicable for that specific SKU…sigh again! We’re staying until 8pm at the office…and the bad thing is it’s as if those long hours of stay here at the office were unpaid…33hours and I only got 3900php? OT pay’s supposed to be non-taxable but unfortunately, it isn’t…thank God though that we’re done with the applications check…today, I’m purely a Product Notes QA again…

Hmmmm…aside from work, I would like to inform you also that I had my tattoo…the sun and moon tattoo…I have it on my upper back, just below my nape…it’s there for 1 week and 4days now ….I don’t have an uploaded picture yet but I will immediately post it here once I have it…

And oh, I am also going to Boracay on December 2-4…I will go there with some of my officemates…not very much of my excitement, I already bought a Speedo two piece as early as last week…seeing it every day motivates me to go on a diet…haha!

So there…just to keep you posted…


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