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Can’t think of a title…can’t think of a sensible post actually…I just thought of updating my blog and let you know how am I doing these past few days and weeks…well, we’ve been working over time doing applications check…so I’m not just a Product Notes QA but also a member of the application team…sigh! Imagine, we check every SKU and look for all vehicle makes and models applicable for that specific SKU…sigh again! We’re staying until 8pm at the office…and the bad thing is it’s as if those long hours of stay here at the office were unpaid…33hours and I only got 3900php? OT pay’s supposed to be non-taxable but unfortunately, it isn’t…thank God though that we’re done with the applications check…today, I’m purely a Product Notes QA again…

Hmmmm…aside from work, I would like to inform you also that I had my tattoo…the sun and moon tattoo…I have it on my upper back, just below my nape…it’s there for 1 week and 4days now ….I don’t have an uploaded picture yet but I will immediately post it here once I have it…

And oh, I am also going to Boracay on December 2-4…I will go there with some of my officemates…not very much of my excitement, I already bought a Speedo two piece as early as last week…seeing it every day motivates me to go on a diet…haha!

So there…just to keep you posted…


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Before and After

Data and Catalog Department





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Can’t remember the last time I went out for a “gimik” thus when my officemates asked me to join them to have dinner at Tiendesitas, I said “okay”…I was hesitant at first for the reason that I’m really on a tight budget these days because I’m planning to buy my dream phone…hehe…so off we went…we left the office past 5:00 PM already…had dinner at Somethin’ Piggy, Sometimes Fishy…some had a bottle of beer or two but me, franz, chriscie, twinkle, and randy opted not to…and oh, we are also with our boss, Sir Anatoly…

the original notes team

waiting for the food
with my boss, Anatoly
me and franz

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lunch @ Burgoo

okay…this is a late post…been busy for weeks now and wasn’t able to blog about my escapades…so here I am…actually, I was just inspired by Jam’s post – A Perfect Day…I remember her telling me that she and her boyfriend will really make sure that they’d try all the restaurants here in the metropolis…Burgoo…they also fed their stomach with Burgoo’s sumptuous but scrumptious food…and yes, there were crayons on the table and it was covered with a big sheet of white paper…we also had fun drawing and writing on the sheet using the crayons…checkout our pictures…

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boring monday

monday…another boring monday…should be @ the mall for a window shopping or should be @ the streets of “ukay-ukay” to kill time…lol…but we’re (me and my sister) supposed to have a general cleaning…we weren’t able to clean this little haven of ours yesterday because when we reached home from a friend’s niece first birthday celebration, we are already tired and sleepy…so there…just decided to stay home and face the laptop instead…do some surfing and found these pictures from nikki’s multiply account…

with vince, pjay, and nikki

daily dose of “taho”

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May 31, 2008 – Abas Bar, Ermita

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can’t think of a title

and can’t think of a blog entry as well…lol! I will just talk about our “gimik” last nyt…with the same friends of course…

so we went to Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila to play casino…lol! no, we were there to watch the show of Tuesday Vargas…the show was really fun…too bad though that cameras are not allowed so they covered our camera phones with stickers, hence, I won’t be able to post a picture, even a single picture of her while performing…*sob*

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