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Cebu/Bohol Trip

Over the last few days, I have been struggling to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Being a QA in my new team is not that easy. I don’t have the right to complain though. There are only two choices – that is to resign or not to resign. And I chose not to.

Unfortunately, stress always strikes me. I feel like my world is constantly surrounded by stress and anxiety.

Well, stress is part of life, there is no escaping it. But stress isn’t a disease with no cure. Like toothaches, body odor, and back pain, there are solutions. Traveling is one of them.

22 days from now, my friends and I will be in Cebu and Bohol. I’ve been to Cebu but I’ve never been to Bohol.

beach babes

Cebu proves to be one of the best places to go if you love the beach because Cebu has world-class beach resorts. Bohol has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet as well, Bohol Beach Club as the very famous [and we’re thinking about going there].

Oh, I can’t wait to hit the beach and have fun with my friends.

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Off to Puerto Galera

The long wait is over. Finally, tonight, we’re off to the latest beach destination – Puerto Galera. My friends and I need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and for us, Puerto Galera is the perfect summer destination because we have a limited budget.

This is the first time for me and my friends to go to this place and this is also our first out of town trip. So you can just imagine how excited we are. And who’s with me on this trip? My sister, Judy and my friends – Hazel, Cinky, Frenesi, and Jolly (the same faces you see from the photos below but without the boys). Cinky and I planned the trip, made the necessary arrangements, and prepared the itinerary.

We’re not going to stay at White Beach because we want a place that’s serene. But we will definitely be going to White Beach tomorrow night to experience its night life and to taste the island’s cocktail specialty – Mindoro Sling. We’ll be staying in Talipanan – Bamboo House Beach Lodge & Restaurant, thus maybe, we’d be able to see Talipanan Falls though it’s not included in our itinerary. Swimming in the cool and clean water of the falls will surely refresh our body from the heat.

Tamaraw Falls is included in our list as well as Coral Garden. And what’s a vacation in Puerto Galera without riding a banana boat? The banana boat is common on every beach and Puerto Galera and our group as well is not one to be left behind. We’ll surely have fun in Puerto Galera.

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Are you afraid of heights? If so, have you tried conquering it? Being afraid of heights is a common feeling. We were not designed to fly, after all. Hence, fear of falling and being injured or killed is a normal and rational fear that most people have. But I am proud to say that I am not afraid of heights anymore. In fact, I am looking forward for more flying adventures. Haha!

Well, you too can overcome your fear of heights with pleasure. At Tagaytay Rideg Zipline & Cable Car, you will get to see the majestic Taal lake and the surrounding forest as you soar up to 300 feet off the ground. Last week, I tried the cable car (together with Caren and Vhill) and yesterday, I tried the zipline (together with Hazel). It was indeed an unforgettable experience.

Pictures will be posted soon.

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To be successful, people should work together like a well-oiled machine.

Consequently, every business is geared towards working as a single, unified team. Teamwork is needed for contending in today’s global arena where individual excellence is not as enviable as a high level of collective performance. People should work as an integral part of a team, that is. U.S. Auto Parts Philippines is composed of different teams with different tasks but with one common goal – to achieve victory in the wilderness that is the online car parts retail industry.

The concept is pretty simple: working as a team generates better and faster results. But, without time off from work, a person becomes fed up and jaded.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl,” as the saying goes.

In order to achieve a team’s goal, there should be motivation and enjoyable experiences in store for team members. This prompted the Brakes Category of the Data and Catalog Department to stage a team building/outing before 2008 ends with Villa Natalia in Sta. Maria, Bulacan as venue.

The purpose of this team building/outing is not only to have fun but also to build camaraderie between and among the members of the Brakes Category. But, to make an event enjoyable, it takes planning and effort. It took a month for the Brakes Category to plan the said activity. Come November 22, all’s set and ready. Team members went to the venue, commuter-style, kitchen and cooking utensils in tow. The team left for Bulacan past 4 P.M. and got there by 7:30 P.M. Upon arrival, members started working on their assigned tasks in the kitchen. In no time at all, food was up and ready for the team to partake in.

Dinner was served by 9 P.M. Grilled Liempo, Tilapia, Bicol Express, Laing, Ginataang Sitaw, Chop Suey, Adobong Isaw, and a cake were at the table for the team to munch. After having dinner, all were ready to go swimming.

And because it’s getting late and cold, every one agreed to start the drinking/sharing session. Lots of issues were talked about. Laughter filled the night. Sunday morning, games took place. Rock On and Rock Well were chosen as the two team’s name. Rock On came from one of the team members who kept on saying “Rock On” while drinking. There were three games: Mute Opera (Charade), Bridge Building, and Human Image (Paint Me a Picture). Team Rock Well was the overall winner.

After the games, the team feasted on another sumptuous breakfast. Salted Egg, Tinapa, Hotdog, Fried Liempo, and fruits were served. Full and sleepy, yet, no one stopped them from singing old time favorite songs. However, because the team needed to leave the resort by 1 P.M., some of the team members started to pack their things. The team left the place with a smile on their faces because of the fun they had. Now, the team is looking forward for their next get-together which will be on the 19th of December.

We can say that after the team building, Brakes Category now has that quintessential thing that binds them all: one team with one vision to achieve one goal.

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me, my sister, and my friends went to tagaytay last Sunday in spite of the weather…it was raining cats and dogs here in Manila last Sunday…lol…but since this is Chin’s (the one in denim jacket) last day here in Pinas, we continued with our plan – to bring her to a place she’ll never forget…and she will really never forget Sonya’s Garden because it was her first time to eat white cheese…lol…we had lunch there and went to Pink Sisters after…checkout our pictures…btw, Chin is leaving for Denmark tomorrow…gonna miss you sis…:-(

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for more pictures, visit my multiply account 🙂

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splash island

Summer season is not over yet so let’s talk about beating the summer heat away…wasn’t able to join my colleagues in their Subic and Pagudpud escapade and I know that summer days are finally coming to a close…so tomorrow, me and my friends are going to have some wet and wild fun…we’re going to Splash Island in Biñan, Laguna…we are going to beat the summer heat away from the pollution and noise of Metro Manila…and besides, what is a summer holiday without going to a beach resort or public swimming pool to cool off?

Located at the Southwoods Ecocentrum in Biñan, Laguna, Splash Island is known as the largest water park in the country. Getting there is easy as it is only some nine kilometers after the Filinvest Toll Plaza along the South Super Highway.

Splash Island contains more than 12 water attractions and can accommodate 6,000 guests at any given time.

Among the attractions are the Dos Supremos and King Pilipit slides with plenty of turns and giant twisters. The Big Bam Boo, Twisted Palms and Tausug Trails offer riders on inner tubes with thrilling back-to-back 360 degree turns, full circle curves and down-the-tube dives.

For those who opt for edge-of-your-seat thrills, they can trythe Magellan’s Drop – a long, four-level slide where riders race their way to pool level.

There’s a special place for youngsters where at least six attractions around the park are designed in a kid-friendly way. The Curl of the Orient, Camp Carambola and the Twin Coco Knots are actually baby versions of the big slides. In Bannakita, children can have a river adventure while the Boon Docks gives them a delightful wilderness expedition. On the other hand, the tykes will have the time of their lives in the Water Wahoo attraction, an interactive kiddie pool with innovative water play activities.

A great deal of park habitues find relaxation in the Balsa River floating easy on a raft as they drift along the gently flowing river around the park which flows at a pace of three miles per hour.

Another group ride attraction is the Rio Montanosa, a breathtaking mountain high river raft ride the entire family will rave about. In addition, the grand entertainment package comes with high-level security and convenience where the park employs close to a hundred pool technicians, life guards, guest relations officers and security personnel.

After all those exciting slipping, sliding and splashing, guests can recharge at the Fiesta sa Pulo were a sumptuous feast is served. Bringing food into the park is not allowed but there are numerous food establishments that serve food at reasonable prices.

Clean water is assured through a centralized filtration system located at the center of the park. A team of pool technicians perform an hourly check on the water to make sure that it is healthy for treading. During its first year of operation, it has received an excellent rating on aquatic safety from Jeff Ellis and Associates, Inc. of Texas, a highly-acclaimed international aquatic safety consulting firm.

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Panagbenga 2008

Finally, I was able to take a break from work…a 3-day vacation at the Summer Capital Of the Philippines or the City Of Pines – Baguio City…been to different tourist spots (pictures below)…too bad though that I wasn’t able to go to the Philippine Military Academy because my schedule didn’t allow me to…my visit is also the time they celebrate Panagbenga so a lot of people can be found at the main thoroughfare of Baguio City (Session Road)…too crowded that I was only able to buy shawarma (my favorite) and left the place after…

now, it’s time to go to sleep…hehe…ciao!

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Iloilo adventure…

I’m back! It’s been so long since I had my last post here…Well, been very busy with work, as usual…and of course, been very busy preparing for the National Youth Pilgrimage…

just arrived from Iloilo actually…the National Youth Pilgrimage was really fun but too bad, I don’t have a cam of my own so obviously, I wasn’t able to capture the moments…=(

Papa, me and my brother (Jude), attended the said Pilgrimage…We had so much fun…We sang the Neo songs in unison…We danced to the rhythm…

I will never forget the experience for sure…

And oh, by the way, Iloilo is a nice place to be as well…People are sweet…some find it hard to understand “Tagalog” though…Also, I will never forget the experience I’ve had when I was at the airport…Iloilo Airport by the way is breathtaking…It’s huge and it’s regimented…Well-organized that in effect, the metal detector recognized that I have a pair of scissors inside my bag and have taken it away from me…

that’s all for now…

for the moment, what I’m looking forward is the World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia (August ’08)…


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