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I just want you to know that I’m still alive …

I just find this place worthless…

I want to keep it, though.

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From Blogger to WordPress

What prompted me to switch to WordPress from Blogger?

I was disappointed when I found out that my PageRank (PR2) turned back to zero.

My posts have different fonts. I hate to see it that way. I tried editing my posts but nothing’s changed.

I want a new look.

So yeah, I’ve made the switch from Blogger to WordPress.

I know that switching needs a lot of time since I would be transferring all my posts, my widgets, and the links of my fellow bloggers. And I am going to do it one by one. But fortunately, transferring to WordPress is just a snap. With Dexter’s help, I have moved all my posts from Blogger to WordPress and my blogroll instantly. I still have a lot to do though. Hopefully by next week, I’m done fixing what needs to be fixed.

I am also in the process of exploring WordPress.

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Making Money Online

I used to be a freelance writer. Freelancing is not only a good way to increase my earnings, it also enhances my skills in writing.

So yeah, I’m a freelancer again. Not that I’m not well-compensated in my present job, I just want to earn more.

I already have $44 in my odesk account, for just 5 articles.

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my first time…

this is my first time to do blogging…for now, i’m still learning on how to make this place, my place, beautiful and enticing to blog readers…hehe…i’l be posting my thoughts and my sentiments here from time to time…


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