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Abbie, Biggs, Rom-Rom (because her name is Abigail Roma), or Abigail, one of my classmates from high school came home from Brunei together with her husband and three kids to visit her family…after spending a week with her family in Masbate, our hometown, she asked Cecille if we could meet and see her before leaving for Brunei…so Cecille dropped a line to some of our classmates to let them know that we will have dinner at Fish & Co, Shangri-La Plaza Mall…the dinner happened last night…as usual, I was the first to arrive, followed by Kiti – Cecille – Kathy – Biggs – Dindo and lastly, Neri-Ann with her hubby, Joeff…we just had New York Fish & Chips, Prawn Fettucini with Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Baked Oysters with Spinach and Cheese, mango juice, and flavored tea…

Pictures? I’ll ask Biggs to email me our pictures, as in ASAP…btw, thanks Biggs for the L’Oreal lipstick…*wink*

On a different topic, I’m upset; really disappointed…I have my period… meaning, I’m not pregnant…at first, I thought it was just implantation bleeding but it wasn’t…

Light Spotting – if you have conceived, spotting can happen when implantation occurs before your menstrual period should begin. Pregnancy bleeding from implantation is pinkish or brownish and not heavy. A normal menstrual flow should begin light, become heavy, and then taper off again before ending…

today is the second day of my period…and it’s heavy…just like my normal monthly period, heavy on the 2nd day…but I will still try…I’ll ask my OB-GYN if I should continue my medication (provera) to normalize my menstruation but I will stop taking clomid for now…please keep on praying for me guys… =(

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